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All about the Espresso

For many of us coffee drinkers, espresso is a must add for any drink you pick up each morning. Espresso coffee is basically a concentrated coffee drink that is ground into tiny coffee grounds using hot water and a lot of pressure. The outcome is pure bliss and gives you just enough kick in your coffee to make it through your morning, afternoon or even night. Espresso products will often be much thicker than that of a typical coffee. The espresso is also often used as a base for drinks like lattes, mochas and cappuccinos.

Contrary to people’s beliefs, espresso is not a coffee bean or roast. In fact it is just the method of how the coffee is made or prepared. Any roast or bean that you currently used can be ground into espresso at home or at your favorite coffee shop. Some coffee gurus will often mix different kinds of beans or roasts together to create a more unique taste. While darker roasts are preferred in areas of the world like Italy, milder roasts are preferred by many Americans.

There are many areas of the world that claim they are the reason that espresso coffee is so popular today. While we may never know the true origin of the popularity of the espresso coffee choice, we can still enjoy it at numerous places today. You can even purchase your own espresso machine for use in your own kitchen. There are also popular chain coffee shops located near you that sell espresso drinks as well as blends and roasts to take home with you. Whichever texture, blend or color you prefer you can pick up your espresso coffee in your local super market, online, at a coffee shop, or even directly from their producers all over the world.

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