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What is Oxley English Gin?

Oxley is a brand of English Dry Gin that is produced using botanicals that are handpicked. These botanicals that are in the gin and the cold distillation processes that are used to produce it are what set it apart from the other types and brands of gin that you can find in stores today. The quantities of bottles of Oxley English Gin that are produced are limited because of this more complicated production process that they use. You may also only be able to find it for sale in certain areas of the US and on the internet. Oxley combines the old traditional ways of making gin with new technologies to make the best quality English Gin possible.


Oxley English Gin is obviously an English Dry Gin but has a brighter taste and appearance than many of the more popular London dry gins that you can find. This brand of English gin is perfect for people who like gin but prefer it to have a softer taste of juniper. The harsh taste of juniper in many gins will make people steer away from it when ordering cocktails, but Oxley’s process of cold distillation makes it less overpowering.  It does come with a higher price tag because it is produced in smaller quantities, but if you enjoy drinking gin then this is one that you must try.


The traditional way to make gin is by heating it to distill the spirit, but Oxley makes their English Gin using a cold distillation process. The resulting spirit from a cold distillation will have less of an edge on the taste in the end product, which makes it a little easier on the palate to drink. The flavors that you will find in Oxley’s English gin are the same that you can find in any gin, except they are somewhat livelier and lighter tasting. Some gin connoisseurs will like this while others prefer the heavier flavors of traditional gins.  You can add Oxley English Dry Gin to any classic gin cocktail and get the same taste and flavors that you enjoy.


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