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Dooleys Toffee Cream is the vodka-based cream liqueur that tastes like toffee, you can almost chew it! Infused with real toffee goodness and delicious doses of milk chocolate and praline, Dooleys has a unique flavor and smooth consistency that makes it a favorite cocktail ingredient, standalone drink, or for whipping up some tasty toffee-caramel dishes.

The History of Dooleys

Dooleys is made by German Company BEHN in Eckernförde, which has been making drinks as early as 1892. The company first introduced Dooleys into the market in 2000, and is now available in 60 countries worldwide. As it’s the only vodka-based creamy liqueur in the market, it was met with immediate delight and has quickly turned into a fantastic alternative to Bailey’s. Unlike the latter’s strong whiskey element, Dooleys Toffee Cream has half the fat of the usual creamy liqueurs because of its vodka base, making it favorite drink for girls too.

Award Winning Quality

A few years after it was first made available to the market, Dooleys have bagged awards left and right including the Superior Taste Award from the 2006 International Taste & Quality Institute in Belgium, and the Top Cream Liqueur award from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2007.

Taste of Dooleys

When it comes to the taste, Dooleys is very smooth, has no bite, and has a soft alcohol sting as it glides down your throat. Compared to Bailey's and Jagos Vanilla Vodka, Dooleys has less whisky burn, which makes it perfect as a standalone drink or a cocktail ingredient. Its flavor is pleasingly bold, bursting with the sweetness of toffee and hints of chocolate, caramel, and cream coming through. With a smooth, sweet and buttery finish, this creamy, vodka-based liqueur can also serve as your dessert!


Dooleys Toffee Cream is made from vodka (17% alcohol content) and all natural ingredients which includes milk, sugar, cream and special flavorings. It is brewed with authentic toffee caramel for that true toffee taste. The vodka and natural ingredients combine for an incredibly smooth texture and taste while the special blending process gives it that unique kick.


Where to Get Dooleys

Dooleys is not just commonly sold in Europe and the United States but available in 58 other countries worldwide. The vibrant blue and red opaque bottle of Dooleys Toffee Cream is also usually found in local liquor stores or leading supermarkets near you. But if the liquor stores and supermarkets in your area don’t sell Dooleys, then you can always locate them from online liquor stores. These online stores may even sell them for less with special deals and holiday promos so keep your eyes peeled!

Cocktails with Dooleys
The flavorful taste and very smooth consistency of Dooleys Toffee Cream gives it that unmatched mixability, which makes it perfect for making creamy, indulgent cocktails. Some of the most popular cocktail recipes with Dooleys include:
101 Milkshake – Also known as the Reykjavík Milkshake, this creamy cocktail consists of 2 scoops vanilla ice cream and 60ml of Dooley’s Toffee Cream stirred or shaken into a milkshake.

Caribbean Toffee Surprise – This cocktail recipe bursts in toffee and coco flavor. It is made with 2 parts Dooley’s Toffee Cream, 1 part Malibu coconut rum liqueur, and a dash of chocolate flake and coconut.
Sounds delish right? So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and indulge in the sweet toffee temptation of Dooleys Toffee Cream!

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