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Curry Powder

Curry spices were commonly used in India and the Mediterranean area though it has recently spread to other parts of the world.  They are commonly used for various cuisines from various parts of the world. They were and still are used to preserve the traditional way of preparing certain cuisines. They are certain curries that are commonly known for enhancing the flavors of foods when preparing cuisines such as foods and soups from given origin like Asian, British, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Japanese traditions.


Curry powder has common ingredients it is made of such as coriander, cumin, fenugreek, and turmeric. The other common ingredients that maybe be used in making a unique flavor such as cloves, curry leaves, mustard, black pepper, anise, cardamom, celery seeds.  These spices are combined to make a flavor which is then given a name.


One of the ingredients used in making this spice is Fenugreek known as trigonella foenum graecum. It has medical uses that are beneficial in everyday life. It can be used to treat wounds and swellings by grinding the seed into thick paste and mixing it with charcoal in paste form. It becomes effective in treating ulcers. The jelly form can be used for treating bowels, lubricating intestines and taken in tea is used fro healing fevers.


 The other common ingredient that has more uses is turmeric that can be used for treating tumors in pets like dogs especially fatty tumors. It is commonly used by vet and pet owners. Other ingredients in curry spices are essential in preventing cancers, joint pains and inflammation. Cumin helps in preventing pancreatic cancer, remove protein deposits in the brain, and enhancing memory. They help to boost health and improve a tasty meal. It essential therefore to add curry spices into your foods and soups as you prepare it since you will get benefits that go beyond the colored flavored foods.


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