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Cumin is a flowery plant that comes from meditterenean and East India.  Cumin seeds are dried seeds that come from the herb Cuminum cyminum which belongs to the family of parsley. It produces single seed that looks like caraway, yellow brown in color. It is a common used spice in the world after black pepper.


It is a spice that is used for preparing cuisines from Indian, Pakistan, North African, Sri Lankan, and Cuban among others. They are also used for making some desserts especially Dutch cheese, traditional French breads and traditional Brazilian cuisine. There are other uses for the spice. They can be used for medicine in distinguishing false labor which is caused from real labor. It can be added in boiled water when making tea to help in soothing acute stomach pains. It can also help in relieving digestion problems such as biliousness, morning sickness, indigestion, diarrhea and flatulent colic among others.


Cumin seeds contain high nutritional values such as iron, energy, carbohydrates, sugars, dietary fiber, fats and protein among others. it is hot in taste and larger in size and can be confused with caraway spice. They are oval in shape and have strong and heavy odor. It is used as an important ingredient in making curry powder.


There other common type of this spice is black cumin used for treating pile when taken with water. Diluted water with the spice is used for treating flu and common colds. Cumin seeds are mixed with other spices to prepare curries, soups, sausages, breads and cakes in order to transform the natural taste of these foods and drinks.


These seeds can be packaged commercially and sold in local shops or alternatively you can purchase them from the grocery shops top spice up your foods and beverages or use it for other medicinal reasons.


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