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Crown Royal Canadian Whisky

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky of Canadian Descent but an American favorite

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is a time-honored traditionally blended whisky alcohol that is 80 proof and 40% alcohol by volume unlike its other whisky contemporaries. Although currently distilled by the Diageo distillery, it has a long and involved history. It has maintained its reputation as the top-selling Canadian whisky in the United States with a following unparalleled by any other selling whisky. Crown Royal Canadian Whisky has established itself as an American staple.

A Royal Tradition

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky was introduced as a commemoration to the visit of monarch King George VI and Queen Elizabeth back in 1939. It still remains a staple on the shelf of any bar or nightclub in the United States. Its traditional taste, and just as traditional quality, has found its following worldwide. It is still produced solely at the Crown Royal Canadian Whisky at Gimli, in Canada with sales totaling over $500M per year.

It's The Variation That Attracts The Broad Consumer

Although the traditional distillation was introduced after the visit from the king, there have been many additions to the brand since then. They all have their very own distinction, but so too share the same quality and consistency that make it the most beloved whisky worldwide. The variations include

  • Crown Royal Special Reserve

Introduced in 1992 this special reserve is made from the selection of the finest young whiskies and then aged for longer periods of time than the original version.

  • Crown Royal XR (Extra Rare)

Introduced in 2006 for the United States and the Canadian market. It was a limited-release special blend that was sold as numbered bottles. This distilled variety was made to commemorate the final bottles which were distilled at the Waterloo distillery before its closing.

  • Crown Royal Cask No. 16

Introduced in 2007 it was produced from over 50 different blended whiskies and was aged in 12 year old cognac barrels. The barrels were made Limousin oak grown in the Limousin forest in France.

  • Crown Royal Black

Introduced in 2010 has a higher alcohol content than other whisky varieties. it is much thicker and darker than other variations but still has the smooth flavor and taste that Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is famous for. It has its own special variety of "De Luxe" which is the reserve of this blend.

How It Is Enjoyed

There are many ways that Crown Royal Canadian Whisky can be enjoyed. Because of its distinct flavor and quality, you can consume it straight up or on the rocks. It is smooth enough to enjoy all on its own. It has also got a perfect mixable flavor to become a favorite for mixing and making tasty concoctions. The smooth taste and consistency has made this drink a special for many different types of drinks and mixes, including several "shooter" shots and novelties served at nightclubs and bars worldwide. No bar is complete without a bottle sitting ready, and waiting.

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