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Cranberry Liqueur

How to Make Cranberry Liqueur

When making your own homemade cranberry liqueur, you need to know that it should act as more of a dessert. The difference in flavor is brought about by the proportions in which the ingredients are mixed. By acting as a dessert a liqueur ought to not only be palatable but also sweet. The sugar included in the whole mixture is aimed at making the whole drink more sippable and also reduce the alcohol. The first step towards making the juice is chopping washed cranberries, around 16 oz, either by hand or even in a food processor. Peel in either pieces or strips half a lemon and half an orange, ensuring that you place the crushed fruits and citrus peels at the bottom of the jar where you’ll be putting the liqueur.


To make the Cranberry liqueur tasty, pour in one and a half cups of proof vodka, before sealing the jar and then leaving it at room temperature for about a fortnight. Over the whole process, make sure that you constantly shake the jar, the main aim being to loosen the fruit from the jar’s bottom ensuring also that no air forms and that the vodka is able to absorb the fruit’s full flavor.


After two weeks, you are closer to getting your cranberry liqueur.  Start by straining the fruity vodka through a cheesecloth or sieve before discarding the berries, then peeling them and finally returning the alcohol to the jar. Make sugar syrup, which is supposed to be a mixture of sugar and water. This you will need to add to the alcohol in a bid to try and neutralize it. When sugar syrup is not added it ceases to be a low proof liqueur but high proof alcohol. Allow the whole solution to sit for another two weeks after carefully shaking it. Sieving follows after two weeks, and soon after serve in either shot glasses or wine glasses, after or before dinner.


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