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Cloudberry Liqueur

The unique taste of Cloudberry Liqueur


Cloudberries are very rich in minerals and vitamins that are good for your health benefit. Now you can get those great benefits while enjoying a fine taste with Cloudberry liqueur. People all over the world who have tried this liqueur blend have all claimed that they have never forgotten the rich and unique taste of this alcoholic beverage. There is also a light version of this drink due to the sugar amount in the original format. The price for the liqueur is reasonable at about $20 for a standard bottle.


There are many great Cloudberry liqueur cocktails and drinks that you can enjoy as well. While most of these are available are any bar or nightclub, you still may want to write down in the ingredients in case the bartender is unfamiliar with it. The Cloud Walker was one of the first cocktails I had ever tried with this liqueur. It consists of scotch whiskey, the cloudberry, lemonade and limejuice. It is definitely a delicious treat that is very refreshing. The original Cloudberry cocktail that helped make the liqueur popular almost resembles that of a long island ice tea. It has triple sec, vodka, cloudberry liqueur; limejuice, pineapple juice and the option of whip cream. Yummy!


There are literally dozens and dozens of drink recipes and idea for the cloudberry so if you are looking for ideas the best place it look is online. Many drink mix websites will tell you all of the ingredients and the measurements so you an make them at home. They can be great cocktails to have at a dinner party or function, as they are not common liqueur drinks people are used to. Start enjoying a more unique taste of liqueur and add the cloudberry and it’s benefits into your next drink.

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