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Cinnamon: Making Its Way From Coffee House To Night Club

The club scene has changed dramatically over the past decade. Maybe not so much in the social scene and purpose of the night club itself, but definitely in the selection of drinks being offered. Today's night club menus are beginning to resemble more of a bakery than a drink menu. Gone are the days when a cocktail, was just a cocktail. Today it is a thing of exotic extravagance, in many cases, resembling a dessert more than a mixed drink. Different tastes, decorations, and spices are finding their way from dessert, to coffee house, to night club. One among them being cinnamon. It is making a splash into fanciful drinks everywhere.

Origins Of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is the by-product that is extracted from the inner bark of trees within the cinnamomum genus. It is a spicy, yet sweet spice that is primarily used in a powder form. Found most commonly in native South East Asian trees, it made its way to Europe in the sixteenth century.

Uses For Cinnamon

Although commonly known for its taste enhancement, cinnamon is known to have many different purposes and uses. It is most commonly used as a flavoring in many dessert recipes, and is an ingredient used in making chocolate. Not just a flavoring for dessert, it is also used in many main course dishes in the Middle East. Being one of the oldest spices to be used, it has found its place among a vast number of ethnic cuisines. It also has been known to be used as an insect repellent, although the use has never been officially confirmed, it has been found effective at killing mosquito larvae. It also has its uses for medicinal value, known to help fight against the development of alzheimer in mice, the cessation of smoking, to curb your appetite, a useful antioxidant, increase colon health and has been used for colds and flu symptoms for centuries. As if those uses are not enough, this all purpose wonder, is adding the perfect sweet and twang to your favorite drink delicacy on the weekends.

Cinnamon To Top Your Martini

Mixed drinks are no longer just mixed drinks. Clubs and bars are vying for their place among the best and the greatest of drink concoctions. They are pulling out all of the stops to create the most delicious of alcoholic drinks, disguised as tasty desserts. Martinis and cosmopolitans are becoming all the rage for the bar scene, and most of them are being comprised of tastiness like chocolate and spice, both of which just aren't as good without a little sprinkle of cinnamon. Whether you are at your favorite night club or mixing drinks at home, cinnamon isn't just for coffee and treats anymore. Make sure to add this little miracle to spice up your favorite cocktail or try one below


Cinnamon cider martini

  • 3 oz vodka
  • 1 oz apple cider
  • 1/2 oz cinnamon simple syrup (a mixture of sugar and cinnamon)


Cinnamon stick

  • Chai creme martini
  • 2 oz vodka
  • 2 oz Voyant chai cream liqueur
  • powdered cinnamon

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