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Cinnamon Stick

Cinnamon Stick The Perfect After Drink Desert

Cocktails are just not cocktails anymore, they are taste adventures. The bar and club scene over the past decade has changed dramatically catering to the tastes and flavors of those wanting just a little more out of their drink than alcohol. Many nightclubs and upscale bars are going above and beyond to create concoctions that resemble dessert more than they do an alcoholic drink. Mixed drinks are no longer good enough in a plain glass, they are now being adorned with decorations such as sprinkles, powdered sugars and chocolate, or with tasty treats such as adding a cinnamon stick.

What Is A Cinnamon Stick?

Cinnamon is a substance that is obtained from the inner bark of the genus of trees named Cinnamomum. It is most commonly seen and used in a powder extract form, but has many uses. Although when you think of cinnamon, it is tied to baking or cooking, it has had, and continues to have, a vast number of uses spanning since the beginning of written history. A cinnamon stick is literally the bark of the tree which is rolled into pieces and presented in a stick form.

Uses For Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon has been used for centuries in a vast number of different ways and for many different purposes. It has its roots in baking and many different ethnic main dishes for cooking. Because of its distinct flavor, it is hard to mistake when cinnamon is present in any dish or delicacy. Although commonly thought of as a spice, it is also used for many medicinal purposes. Cinnamon has been proven to improve the side effects of Alzheimer in mice, been proven as a useful tool for the cessation of smoking, and as a powerful antioxidant. It is also used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes in recent years, for diarrhea and other digestive system problems. Surprisingly, it has also found its use among the abatement of mosquitos and their larvae, quite the general tool. As if all of these uses are not enough, it has made its way from your baking rack, to your coffee house, to your local nightclub. Cinnamon sticks are making their way as a delicious, and beautiful adornment to your favorite martini.

Cinnamon Makes Everything A Little Sweeter

It is no longer sufficient to order up a cranberry and vodka. Ladies night is all about martini and cosmopolitans. In most cases, it is not just about the drink, but the presentation of the drink, that attracts the consumers eye. Most bar and nightclub menus are beginning to look more like the dessert menu than the drink menu and having the best martinis is making or breaking the night life scene of many establishments. Nothing makes a cocktail more enticing than the extras that come along with it. There is nothing more exotic than having a cinnamon stick to adorn your glass. Whether you are making drinks at home, or ordering from your favorite establishment try this great recipe below, and don't forget to add a cinnamon stick.


Sweet and spicy martini

  • 6 parts cinnamon vodka
  • 1 part sweet vermouth
  • 1 part orange liqueur
  • cinnamon stick

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