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Chocolate Mint Liqueur

Cocktails and drinks to enjoy with mint chocolate liqueur


The use of chocolate mint liqueur for cocktails and mixed drinks is very popular and are great for the true chocolate lover. While most people are not a fan of chocolate in an alcoholic dinks they can actually be perfect for the drinker that does not particularly like the taste of most alcohol. Masking the sometimes bitter and harsh taste of liqueur with chocolate and other sweet options can help it go down smoother. There are many drink options to try out using mint chocolate liqueur, below are just a few options. For more delicious recipes and drink ideas search your favorite website or search engine.


If you are an overall mint fan, the Peppermint Penguin may be a great drink choice for you. It includes chocolate mint liqueur, light and whip cream, Oreo cookies, and Crème de Menthe all blended together. It is a delicious way to catch a buzz for sure! The Fat Albert was one of the first chocolate drinks I ever tried and it was delicious. Chocolate milk, mint chocolate liqueur, ice, coffee liqueur, maple syrup and whip cream make this one sweet drink but very delicious. You can satisfy your sweet tooth and your coffee urge all in one setting.


Whichever drink you choose to try out that includes chocolate mint liqueur you can be sure that it is a rich way to drink alcohol. There are many different brands flavors that your mouth can experience so why not try out many options because you never know what you may end up liking. If you like to prepare your own drinks at home there are several recipes online for homemade mint chocolate liqueur, as well as instructions on popular drinks to make from or with it.



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