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Cherry Advocaat

What is Cherry Advocaat?

Used as a topping and ingredient for many types of desserts, as well as a drink ingredient, Advocaat is a creamy, thick liqueur that is made using eggs, brandy, and sugar. Cherry Advocaat has the delicious flavor of cherry added to it, to give this classic spirit a special twist. You can find Advocaat with 15% alcohol content in the United States, but in Europe it can be up to 20% alcohol content.


Many times people will eat this almost custard-like liqueur with a spoon because of how thick it is. A less thick version is generally what is exported so in the United States you will find a more liquid version of Cherry Advocaat in stores. The reason for the difference in thickness is because in the version that is exported, pure egg yolks are used, which make it better to use as an ingredient in cocktails and drinks. A traditional drink during Easter in the Netherlands, it is also drank as an aperitif or digestif. Many people will compare the European Advocaat to eggnog or the Mexican drink Rompope.


Traditionally served in a wide glass, and topped with whipped cream and cocoa powder, Cherry Advocaat is also popular as a topping on ice cream, Belgian waffles, and other sweets. In winter, at many Italian ski locations, you can find it mixed in a cocktail, called the Bombardino, that contains hot coffee, brandy, and rum or whiskey as well as the Advocaat. You may also find a popular drink called the Snowball, which contains sparkling lemonade, lime juice, and Cherry Advocaat.


If you would like to try making your own Cherry Advocaat cocktail at home, then you should try making a Lady Marmalade cocktail, which is a delicious, easy to make cocktail, especially if you are a fan of Gin. This cocktail is made using one ounce of Bombay Sapphire gin, one-third of an ounce of Cherry Advocaat liqueur, half an ounce of Cointreau orange liqueur, and six ounces of lemonade. Mix the gin and Cointreau in a wine glass, top with the lemonade, and then float the cherry advocaat on top.


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