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Chartreuse Jaune

What is Chartreuse Jaune?

Created by Carthusian Monks, and popular since the 1740s, Chartreuse Jaune is a popular French spirit that is a distilled alcohol. It is aged with 130 different herbal extracts in order to give it the strong characteristics and flavors that it is known for. Named after the monastery of the monks who make this liqueur, Chartreuse Jaune is sweet, but also spicy and pungent.


Many people compare Chartreuse Jaune to other liqueurs that contain flavoring from many herbs, such as Galliano or Liquore Strega. It is often served chilled or slightly colder than normal, because of how sensitive the flavors are to the serving temperatures. When it is served at a lower temperature, the flavors of this spirit will not be as harsh. It is also an ingredient in many different cocktails, but the recipes may only call for a few drops of it, because of the strong flavor that it has.

There are two different types of Chartreuse: verde and Jaune. The Jaune, or yellow, Chartreuse is actually the milder of the two and has a sweeter flavor and aroma, with only 40% alcohol. Chartreuse is also one of the few types of liquor that improves with age when it is kept in the bottle.


There are many cocktails that contain Chartreuse Jaune because of what it adds, to the character and taste of the drink. A daisy cocktail is a classic cocktail that includes two ounces of a base spirit such as gin, rum or brandy, one ounce of lemon juice, one teaspoon of grenadine, half a teaspoon of simple syrup, yellow chartreuse, and club soda. Add all of the ingredients except for the club soda to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into a glass filled with ice. Top off the glass with the club soda, and then float a small amount of the yellow chartreuse on top.


Chartreuse Jaune is also a great addition to the mezcal cocktails that are growing in popularity today. Mezcal is tricky to use in cocktails because of its smoky flavoring. Combine mezcal with some agave nectar, Chartreuse Jaune, pastis, fresh oregano, and lime juice. This will give you a flavorful and tasty cocktail that is a great way to try some new and interesting flavors, and spirits that you may have never tasted before.

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