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Chartreuse Herbal Liqueur

Chartreuse Herbal Liqueur is a popular French liqueur which was invented by the Carthusian Monks in the French Alps in the mid 18th century. The name Chartreuse Herbal Liqueur is given to this particular liqueur after the monastery that the monks lived in – Grand Chartreuse which is located in the Cahrtreuse Mountains in France. This liqueur is actually produced in the small town of Voiron. Chartreuse Herbal Liqueur is available in bottling known as VEP or Vieillissement Exceptionnellement Prolonge and retail for $123 per liter. Like almost all other liqueurs, Chartreuse Herbal Liqueur’s flavor is sensitive to serving temperature. It is often served cold.



Chartreuse Herbal Liqueur has an interestingly characteristic taste. It is both sweet and spicy. It is made by mashing herbs with a neutral spirit and then distilled and left to age for five years in oak vats. There are two kinds of Chartreuse Herbal Liqueur available in markets depending on the herbs used – yellow and green.



Chartreuse Yellow: Chartreuse yellow is made from over a hundred flowers, plants and herbs. It has a distinct flavor tasting of citrus, violet and honey


Chartreuse Green: Chartreuse green is more popular than its yellow counterpart. This is made from a hundred and thirty herbs and flowers and is found mostly in the French Alps. It has an interesting floral and herbal flavor and also boasts of cloves, citrus and thyme.


Chartreuse Herbal Liqueur is a popular dessert entity, especially the green variety. The following cocktails contain this liqueur:


-       April Shower

-       Colleen Bawn

-       Everybody’s Irish

-       Green Ghoul

-       Harrington

-       The Iguana

-       Herbal Pleasures

-       Yellow Parrot

-       Massey Cocktail

-       Full House


In the olden days, the formula for Chartreuse Herbal Liqueur was kept secret and very safe as it was considered the “Elixir of Long Life” and only three monks at a time knew the recipe, each held one third part of the recipe.


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