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Party DIY – How to Make a Liquor Luge at Home

An ice luge or liquor luge can add a very cool touch to any party. It’s essentially a big ramp of ice with one or several carved channels for the liquor to pour through. These carved channels can be as simple as a beer bong or as flamboyant as an ornate sculpture. A certain amount of liquor is then poured into these narrow channels from the peak of the luge, and flow into a frosty cold drink which is dispensed at the foot of the luge and straight into an awaiting glass or an open mouth. Some varieties involve two channels for shot racing at parties. There are available ice luge molds that you can purchase, but you may also make your own with just a few materials that can be found at your home.


How to Make an Ice Luge at Home:

Making an ice luge or liquor luge at home can be a very simple process. All you need are a couple materials, a freezer, and some time. Here’s how:


  • Measure the compartment of the freezer where you plan to make the ice luge. Once the measuring is done, shop for a 2ft x 4ft x 6” plastic container at the nearest office supply and fill it with some water, about 4 inches high or depending on the height and bulk of the ice luge you want. Just remember that the container will still fit inside your freezer comfortably and taking it out when you need to won’t be a hassle. If it’s your first time to make a liquor luge, then you might want to make use of a smaller container, such as a shoe box size for trying it out.


  • Put the container in your freezer and tilt it slightly at an angle. Make sure that the container’s lower end is close to the rim as possible. This can be done in a number of ways. All you have to do is stick something under one corner of the container to make the water shift lengthwise in the container. Leave the container for as long as it takes which can be at least a couple of days.


  • The third step is the luge part. There are several ways to carve the canals in your luge. You may carve one or a couple of canals using a hammer and screw driver. Another option is to use a router with a ½ inch bit for carving. However, you might want to make sure that you know what you are doing before going with either option, especially that there’s a risk of shocking yourself when you use electrical power tools for carving. To smoothen out the canals, simply pour some hot water on them and your drinks will glide on the ice with no trouble. To make the task easier and faster, you may also use a blow torch provided that you do it properly and safely.


  • Make sure that the ice luge is completely secured before using. Put a towel underneath the block of ice to prevent it from moving and catch the melted ice. Don’t forget that it is still a large and heavy block of ice which can hurt someone if a mishap occurs. To make sure that every shot from the ice luge is safe, have two people in charge of it. One of them will serve as the pourer while the other one will make certain that the ice luge is secure.


Now that you know how to make an ice luge, you can have the perfect centerpiece for any party! If the steps above seem like too much trouble, there’s always the option of purchasing ice luge molds. However, making your very own ice luge is not only inexpensive but will also showcase your dedication to the special event.

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