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A Bartender’s Tricks and Tips

The ultimate thing to remember when learning a bartender's tricks and tips is that each bar will have a different crowd that requires appropriate adjustments in service and even personality or body language. You cannot always be yourself completely because for example, working at your local neighborhood bar requires a friend who lives next door type of feeling, and an upscale city may require much more formal bar etiquette. Learning when to do what is an important part of executing a bartender's job.

Tricks of an "Expert" Bartender

Getting into this line of work requires confidence, adaptive personality, and tricks to at least have the look of an expert bartender. Using both hands has long been one great example of a bartender's tricks and tips because really experienced mixologists practically look like they're ambidextrous. So just using your preferred hand will immediately call you out as a rookie to your customers and your management. Unless you have a lone drinker ordering just one at a time, a bartender's tricks and tips says don't make drinks one at a time.

Be Knowledgeable With Your Eyes Open in a Clean Bar

Remember that you are dealing with actual human beings in this line of work and will meet dynamic personalities that you have to pick up on, and react accordingly. Aside from this, there is much more to be said about a bartender's tricks and tips to look like an expert, even if you are just a new employee.


Know your way around the entire place so if a customer asks where the restroom is, you can answer him quickly. Also keep your bar as clean as possible at all times, a clean bar welcomes customers with a smile while a dirty one greets with a frown. Always keep your eyes open for people who are coming in and sitting down, you don't want to ruin their experience with making them call out for you.

Remember All of the Ingredients You Work With

It cannot be stressed enough in a bartender's tricks and tips to remember all the liquors and mixes you work with so if customers ask for recommendations, you can answer them properly and increase your tips. Also be sure that you know how to pronounce the names of the alcohol correctly because you as the bartender should be teaching others how it should be said and done.


Memory is of utmost importance because it will be helpful to remember large orders for a group, or more drink recipes to add to your mental list with every shift.


Being a bartender can be a great way to make a living while meeting all different kinds of people. A bartender, who is clean, knowledgeable, and aware, is generally more liked by their customers. Whether or not you make a good living in this line of work depends heavily on your personality and more importantly, the ability to execute a bartender's tricks and tips to your advantage.

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